Boris Makarov
Multidisciplinary Artist (1991 y.o.)
Born and based in Moscow, Russia.

My path of the artist began in 2016 with an independent study of photography techniques. In 2017 to 2019, he completed educational programs at the School of
Photography Fineart and the Rodchenko Moscow Art School of Photography and Multimedia where I got acquainted with Contemporary Art, which gave him
a great impetus in my creative practice.
In his work with ceramics,I turns to mystical symbolism, the aesthetics of worship and rituals. I calls my works artifacts, their meaning and application is
unknown. As if these images were not created by a person, but independently formed from matter.
The creative process for me is a living entity that knows how to do better. I do not intervene in the negligence that occurs in the process, I restrain myself from
giving symmetry and completeness to the work. My works can be careless and rough, but at the same time they feel refined and tactile,” says the artist about his

2021 – 2022 Institute of Contemporary Art Joseph Bakshtein, Moscow
2018 – 2019 Rodchenko Moscow Art School of Photography and
Multimedia (Workshop of Igor Mukhin), Moscow
2017 – 2018 School of Photography Fineart, Moscow, Russia

2021 – Artifacts Exhbition without Audience, Fazotron-NIIR, Moscow
2021 – Scene of Destruction, Fineart School of Photography, Moscow

2022 – Zero Mark, Gallery K320, Moscow, Russia
2021 – Is It Better To Be Separate?, An Abandoned Church, Avdimou,
2021 – Velvet Eclipse, Bizar, Mukha Gallery, Moscow
2021 – OpenCall Exhibition, New Sincerity Gallery, Moscow
2021 – Renaissance-Exhibition of Art Ceramics, Moscow
2021 – Exhibition-Performance Weekend Prostitute, Flacon, Moscow
2020 – Apartment Exhibition-fair of Contemporary Art - KvartMarket,

2021 – Postgraduate collection. Issue 11. Collection of articles on the special
experience of the festival «Scientific Spring 2020»
2021 – NOICE Magazine
2020 – Artuzel about KvartMarket - young art in the history of the capital

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